How to Find the Best Teen Therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA

When your teenager needs mental health counseling, it can be difficult to know what to do. You just want to see your child feel better, but it’s not always clear to whom you can turn. If you are worried about your teen, look for these signs when choosing the best teen therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA.

  1. Understands the Teen Mindset

The teenage years are unlike any other time in a person’s life. Likewise, a teen therapist must be unique. Be sure that the person you take your child to see specializes in counseling teens. This is a vital step in deciding on teen therapy in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

  1. Provides a Safe Space

Often, teens just need to be heard. Unfortunately, no matter how much you want to listen, your child may need someone outside the family to talk to. Be sure that your chosen therapist is dedicated to providing a safe space in which your child can explore emotions.

  1. Offers Free Consultation

Any counselor worth your time should be willing to spend 15 minutes discussing your concerns before you sign up for sessions. This free consultation is a common courtesy, and it is a red flag if a counselor does not offer it.

Keep these three qualifications in mind, and you can be well on your way to securing the best teen therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA.

About Vanessa – Therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA

Vanessa Volpicelli, LMFT, earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. Her areas of focus and experience include teenage development, anxiety disorders, domestic violence, and special needs children.

As a certified yoga instructor, she incorporates proven techniques that foster inner healing and relaxation, offering instant comfort and lasting benefits for her clients.

In collaboration with Gio, her registered Therapy Dog, the duo create a space that is nurturing, accepting, and motivating so that you can enjoy therapy and meet your goals.