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How to Pick Perfect Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are miniature, adjustable earrings that are compatible with women, men, and even children. They make perfect gifts for yourself and other loved ones. Diamond studs are very comfortable and painless to wear to special occasions and to symbolize elegance and luxuriance. Set an affordable budget before you decide the size you want your […]

Hermetic Connectors

What hermetic connectors are used for? Hermetic connectors provide hermetic sealing so that no air can enter or leave a container or space. The word “hermetic” is defined as airtight. When containers are pressurized or vacuum-sealed, they keep bacteria, moisture, and oxygen away and ensure that the interior of the space or container remains sterile. Industries […]

Dispensing Valves

Techcon Systems is an industry leader in fluid dispensing innovation. Our selection of fluid dispensing valves provides reliability and accuracy in fluid control. We offer the top engineering for handheld valves, precision micro-shot dispensing, and valves that can handle a range of materials. Quality Valves and Accessories The Techcon line includes a wide variety of valves in […]

Automated Dispensing Robots – Techcon Systems

Automated dispensing robots are easy to program, simple to operate and compatible with all valve types and controllers. Designed and configured specifically for fluid dispensing applications, Techcon Systems robots provide total control over fluid placement, from beads, arcs and circles to repeated timed dots. Programming is simple via teach pendant. From a general assembly manufacturer […]

Metcal Announces Productronica 2015 Lineup

GARDEN GROVE, CA ― October 2015 ― Metcal today announced that they plan to exhibit a range of products including the Scarab, Scorpion, MX-5200 and HCT2-120 in Hall A4, Booth 221 at the upcoming Productronica International Trade Fair, scheduled to take place November 10-13 at the Messe in Munich, Germany. The Scarab ensures accurate and […]