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Choosing a Jeweler for Your Engagement Ring

The relationship with your jeweler is just as important as the one with your wedding planner, maybe more so, simply because your ring may need maintenance in a couple of years. You may also want to add to your wedding band or have the engagement ring resized at some point. How do you choose a […]

How To Select a Diamond Ring in Los Angeles

If you are looking to buy a diamond ring in Los Angeles, there are several things to look for in the perfect gem. You want a jewel that has fantastic clarity, an elegant cut, a nice carat weight, and beautiful color. Known as the 4 C’s of diamonds, these aspects can help you choose the […]

How to Choose a Solitaire Diamond Ring

Classic yet absolutely stunning and dazzling- the solitaire diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love, longevity and commitment. As a perfect choice for women with classic style, solitaire engagement rings are the most popular and timeless choice for engagement rings worldwide. The single stone of a solitaire engagement ring makes the diamond the center […]

Diamond Clarity Guide

Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the Earth’s mantle.  Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years. Because they are formed deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure; virtually […]

Wedding Rings – Wedding Ring Styles and Guides | Beverly Hills Jewelers

Understanding Wedding Ring Styles There’s no shortage of advice out there for people looking to buy wedding rings, from pages on the various wedding ring styles and guides to getting the best deals to tutorials on the various ways diamonds are valued. The truth is, when it comes down to it, you are not purchasing […]