Eliminate the Hassle of Medication Management

Many people count on prescription medications to keep them healthy and thriving every day, especially if they have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Unfortunately, managing multiple prescriptions can quickly become cumbersome, and managing these medications can prove dangerous when people take an incorrect dose. Thankfully, you can eliminate many of these risks by using a prescription delivery service like AmeriPharma’s MedBox. 

How Prescription Delivery Can Put Your Mind at Ease

Once you switch to prescription delivery, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional pharmacy. Signing up is simple—just give us a call or complete our online form. After we get in touch with you, we’ll start working with your medical providers and insurance company. You’ll receive your MedBox within a few days. In each box you’ll find your medications in tear-off pouches that tell you the date and time you need to take each medication. There’s virtually no risk that you could miss a dose or take the wrong medication.

We start working ahead of time to ensure that you have refills when you need them, and you can skip your trip to the pharmacist to pick up your refill. We can even include other items such as vitamins and over-the-counter medications so you never need to go to the pharmacy. Our pharmacists are available to answer any questions, and they can also fill urgent prescriptions.

Save Time and Money

In addition to the time you’ll save by not having to drive or walk to your local pharmacy, you’ll also find that prescription delivery doesn’t cost you any more than you were already paying for your prescription medications.

Put Your Mind at Ease

If medication management is getting too complicated for you or your loved one, it might be time to switch to MedBox prescription delivery. Our licensed pharmacists, combined with the accuracy of our computerized processing, ensure that you’re getting the correct medication every day.

About MedBox, a free pill-dispensing service provided by AmeriPharma pharmacy

MedBox is a free service by AmeriPharma pharmacy. When our pharmacy fills your prescriptions, we sort and package your medications by the dose and deliver them to your door.

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