Hermetic Connectors Seal the Deal

Hermetic Connectors Seal the Deal

It’s the connection that counts. Hermetic connectors are like bodyguards for precious goods. They use advanced sealing technology to defend the contents of the container they connect. Whatever you have in that container, it needs to be protected from invasion by air or gases that could harm it. That’s why hermetic seals are crucial to the build of your submarine, plant, lab equipment, aircraft, or military vehicle.

Many Industry Uses

The use of hermetic connectors began with the military. They are still used in military aerospace today. Now, however, their use has spread to a variety of industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Offshore drilling
  • Medical

Grace Under Pressure

Because these industries use high-tech, highly sensitive materials that can and must be protected, hermetic seals are in high demand. They do their job in regular and extreme temperatures and under the severest of conditions. High pressure or high altitude, they can withstand the elements.

Safety and Strength

Custom-made connectors can ensure the safety and the strength of your project. They can be designed for a perfect fit for your needs and all the while safeguarding your product from oxygen, bacteria and moisture. For a tight fit with no room for error, hermetic connectors seal the deal.

About Complete Hermetics

A manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs

Complete Hermetics is a custom manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs. Our team has a wide range of knowledge to design and develop the hermetic connectors, hermetic packages, hermetic headers, vacuum viewports, hermetic seals and hermetic feedthroughs to fit your specifications.