Some Facts About Commercial Solar PV in Orange County

Some Facts About Commercial Solar PV in Orange County

Photovoltaics is a type of solar energy collection that can generate power without the need to convert or modify the sun’s energy. By using the specially designed solar sheets attached to commercial rooftops, the system can produce electricity directly from the solar energy it gathers as the sun’s rays hit the panels. You have probably seen the commercial solar PV in Orange County as you drive past, but here are some facts you may not know.

How Does It Work?

An Orange County commercial solar company can tell you some surprising things about the PV system. One is that energy from the sun is converted using solar cells without any moving parts. The cells use sunlight to produce a direct current of electricity which can immediately be used to recharge a battery or power your equipment.

By using a process to detach electrons and collect photon energy, the free electrons can move through a paper-thin phosphorus surface within the PV cell. The electron’s movement causes both a negative and positive charge which can then be collected by an external circuit.

Why Does It Work?

An Orange County commercial solar company survey shows solar energy has become more popular during the past 20 years. The popularity is probably because human energy consumption has grown in unprecedented amounts as the population expands. The realization that an hour of radiated sunshine is enough energy to cover human needs for a year demonstrates how much potential the sun has.

Here are other reasons the PV system is popular:

  • Panels can produce electricity for between 30 and 40 years.
  • Unused generated power can be exported to the grid at a profit.
  • A single module can generate 200 AC per meter per year.

When Does It Work?

A renewable energy source such as PV panels can help lower your company’s energy costs. Commercial solar PV in Orange County can work for your business during almost any day of the year. That is because storage units can collect the energy produced by the panels and hold it until it is needed. Find out which commercial system is right for you today.

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