Vasari Solar Fund

Vasari Solar Fund

Investors See Strong Growth Potential in Solar Projects

Studies show that investing in the private market can produce 30 – 40% higher returns than investing in the public market. But gaining access to the exclusive world of private market investing can be challenging for individual investors.  Most private investment opportunities have been available only to super rich families and institutional investors who can afford the high minimum investment amounts.

Times have changed and gaining access to this once-exclusive world of private market investments has become easier for individual investors.

Vasari Energy has created a private investment fund specifically for individual investors interested in the strong return potential of solar development projects.

Investment Case for Solar Power Projects

The global targets and demand for renewable energy are enormous. There are several investment routes into this market, but in our view, developers offer the best potential returns, as they are the linchpin in delivering this growth.

Developers build renewable energy projects. The spectrum of development activity runs from finding a greenfield site, through permitting, resource assessment, power purchase agreements and grid connections, to finance, construction, operation and eventual sale. Companies may be active across all or part of this spectrum.  Most renewable energy projects are still small compared to those using conventional power. Large developers have advantages in securing equipment and finance but can suffer from problems controlling development risk across a large portfolio, an inevitable lack of nimbleness, and using the costs and processes found in large companies for relatively small projects.

The exit strategy for development funds is through the sale of a solar power project to a tax equity fund, utility or independent power producer.  Liquidity is not dependent on an initial public offering.

About Vasari Solar Partners

Vasari Solar Partners, LLC is a growth-oriented fund formed by Vasari Energy, Inc. that seeks to capture growth in the dynamic and fast-growing solar energy market by investing in the development of utility, commercial, industrial, municipal, and community solar power systems.

The Fund will undertake all areas of development, including environmental studies, transmission feasibility and system impact studies, design, engineering, permitting, and obtaining a power purchase agreement with a qualified buyer of power such as a utility, city government, or high credit quality corporation.

Note.  This article is not a solicitation or offer for the purchase or sale of securities.